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A * B *£&6M*w«W A Ditized by the Internet Archive in 2012 with funding from LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation Introduction The past four years have been the most important period of our lives; we have, through long hours of study and clinical contact, assimilated an enormous volume of information; we have experienced the joys and sorrows attendant upon the practice of Medicine and have had to come to terms with many of our own fears and misconceptions; we have made some lifelong friends; we have learned much about ourselves and others and have had to alter our expectations of others accordingly; we have grown from students of Medicine to Doctors, a giant step marking the beginning of an evolutionary process which is to continue for the rest of our lives. Pathology is the queen of medical science Red cells are interesting little critters !

Terry Ratner - nurse, writer, educator - healing with writing

With few exceptions, I am sure these years have had a profound impact not only on the prospects for the future but also on the very fibers of our personal philosophy and structure.

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And so it should be, for in no other profession is the individuals' philosophy so impor- tant to success and happiness as in Medicine.

Essay William Shakespeare Biography

For many of us, these years in medical school have been a trying experience leaving unpleasant, even bitter, as well as pleasant memories.

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